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Security / Burglar Monitoring
FL State Lic.# EF20000581
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Two-Way Emergency Radio Communications, BDA & DAS
Recent changes to National Fire Code has placed an
emphasis on ensuring reliable radio communications
between responders known as Bi-Directional Antennas.
These systems boost radio signals in buildings that can
have diminishing effects based on construction, height
and size.
High Rise Apartments, greater than 5 stories
Large Office Buildings
Hotels with more that 5 floors
Assisted Living Facilites
Medical Office Buildings
Educational buildings with more that 5 floors
Government buildings
Multi-use building, Condo/Hotel
In many cases, the Fire Department, AHJ will
determine if your facility requires a BDA/DAS
system based on actual signal loss in dBm or
expected signal loss of new construction.
So why does Maritech provide solutions
in BDA/DAS Systems?
ALL BDA/DAS Systems require interfaced
monitoring by the building Fire Alarm System for
status of crucial system components like: A/C
Power on, Backup Battery, Loss of Signal, Loss
of Building Antenna(s), General Trouble.
BDA/DAS systems provide enhancements to
critical communications between responders,
EMS Headquarters, Building Occupants, and
Dispatchers to increase effectiveness in
rescue operations and life saving responses.